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Ohad Farkash



Bergen Routes

As the visionary leader and driving force behind the Bergen Routes wayfinding application, I spearheaded a 12-person team through a pioneering project at Bergen Community College. My expertise as a software developer was pivotal in conceptualizing and implementing an intuitive, web-based navigation system that seamlessly integrated sophisticated technologies such as 360-degree imaging, A* routing algorithms, and a robust NodeJS backend infrastructure. Under my guidance, the team delivered an innovative solution that transformed campus navigation, showcasing my skills in leadership, technical innovation, and project management, while significantly enhancing the campus experience for students and staff.

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I developed a web application that brings efficiency to municipal waste collection schedules. The creation of Bouncer, a declaritive language, is key to this innovation, allowing for the precise categorization and verification of addresses against pickup schedules. This work highlights my capability to construct complex data frameworks and intuitive solutions that respond directly to public service challenges.

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